Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction to Drawing

i am one week late! yes, i have to create a blog on the things that ive learnt during Intro to Drawing. so since i already have one blog that seldomly updated, ive decided to just continue blogging on the drawings progression here.
on 21 February, i learnt about negative & positive spaces. positive spaces are the spaces that will show the silhouette of the object.
my assignment for last week is to design 10 futuristic transportation such as cars, motorcycles, helicopter..train, trishaw, and place are prohibited. haha! thats designs only show the silhoutte of the vehicles. then, out of that 10, pick one and draw it in more details.
besides that assignments, i have extra! because i have to REDO the building's drawing..and adjust the other drawings ive done before..

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